Buisness Ad

For the Money Time financial program Room 8 wrote a job application, unfortunately it was declined so instead we decided to design a business ad. My business is all about cleaning houses. I chose cleaning because I thought it’d be really simple but I thought wrong, it’s really, really, really tiring so I changed the week into only three days. I have also included fake phone numbers.


I Continue from school walking home exhausted. I discover a fountain thinking “Could that be a wishing fountain?” I empty my pockets. Do I have any money? I have none. Just when my luck was about to run out, I stepped on something. Clink!. “A Coin, what a coincidence”. I reach out my hand to grab it. “What should I wish for?” I kiss the coin hoping for luck and toss it into the fountain, “bop”. The coin disappears landing on the floor of the fountain. Where the water flows heavily around the coin. The water takes the coin to an open drain flushing the coin. Vanishing from sight. Nothing happened, I walked away sighing. I was about to open the doorknob to my home, as I was about to enter, something pulled me, I was forced back towards the fountain. Seeing someone over on the other side. It was a girl, she looked shy. I looked if there was anyone else around her. No one was there. I felt connected. I knew…she was the love of my life.

Letter to Jacques Chirac

To Prime Minister Jacques Chirac

Bonjour! How was your day!

I hope you find yourself in a calming manner. Hopefully… You may want to take a seat while reading this letter as it may anger you a little. I am currently contacting you due to my utmost concern. 

I would gladly advise you to cancel daily bombing dates or any future ones because of the fact that YOU are harming the Pacific Islands like the Mururoa Atoll. The radiation could cause diseases such as cancer, disabilities in children and many more diseases that lead to DEATH! People find it very hard suffering from the illnesses they now have. 

Is it legal to do this in the area? It causes damage in the area and also affects the citizens of the Island as well as nature. The water that is radiated is toxic and the sea creatures endangered leaving all of humanity to suffer. Other food sources too!!… like vegetables and fruit that are in contaminated soil because of the fall out travelling in the wind. 

Please don’t ask me why again, I have already told you that it’s risking the life of our land and living organisms around your nuclear testing locations. 

Please respond.
Thank you and have a blessed day.

Au revoir.
Yours Sincerely,

The Pacific Nations 

Epro 8 playground

On our last day for Epro 8, Room 8 had to build an Ultimate playground which was going to be fun. We listed ideas of what kind of playgrounds we were going to create. We had the usual swings, merry go rounds and a seesaw which were all fully functional.

Epro 8

Another year to hone in on our engineering skills. Problem solving and experience through science and engineering. We used Red joiners, Blue Joiners, axles, ropes and other Items to create our Dump Truck. We watched a tutorial video to build a lever that would lift the bed so it fulfilled the ‘Dump’ criteria!!