My Hero: Sonyah Tuiala

What Inspires Me About Her:

Well… what inspires me about my Auntie is that she was grateful, she treated me like her own son. She had her own family to look after, but she was having a hard time looking after her kids, after all she had been sick for years. She was a brave warrior our family was helping my auntie the pain inside of her. Months past then one day, she died my Auntie had passed away for all those years she wanted to be there for her kids, I was heartbroken deeply. A Few months past I was sad but  then I realized I don’t have to feel sad because the holy spirit is with her and that is why she inspires me

The Good Things She Does For Me:

She gives me food so I don’t have to starve, She makes me laugh whenever I feel down. She is happy when were all happy, sometimes when I sleepover at my aunties house She would kiss me Goodnight. She Donates Clothes to the people who don’t. She would have so many journeys ahead of her. While she was sleeping in her coffin before she went to her final rest.  All I wanted to say to her was… 

“ Hey Auntie I’m sad I never got to spend more time with you, but I will remember the Good times we had together, You will always be in my heart

Your Nephew Willietony”.

Questions I wanted to ask her….  

  • What would you want to do in your personal life?
  • What or who is special to you?
  • What would you like to do in your spare time?
  • Who did you wanted to be before you were a Mom?
  • Who did you look up to?
  • What was the important thing, you ever care about?
  • What do you do during your free time?
  • How do you feel when your an inspiration to other people?
  • What is your biggest fear you have ever faced?
  • What was Your Dream?

Memories when she spend time with me and her:

Walking to the park together

Reading at the Library

Brought hot chips and kebab for us

Watching Movies

Visiting our cousins

Looking after our Nephews and Nieces

Having a great time together.

Mission Day Mass

Last week on Friday we celebrated Mission day. We had Mass down at the canopy to raise money and non- perishable food to donate for the Holy Angels Orphanage it was quite a blast, each class donated some money for the Holy angels Orphanage. After that we went back to class and had a test in each class in our own Bubbles. In Room 7 we had a Te-reo-athon no time limit and we took our time, I thought these were really hard but I actually ace that test because I have been practicing with my Te Reo sheet.

During morning tea there were Raffle tickets in the canopy for three prizes for the seniors and juniors. Next it was Lunch time we had quite a play, we went back to watching our movie called “Spirit away” it was a interesting movie, at 2:20 we pack up our class then Each class went down to the canopy announcing the prizes I didn’t know what was the juniors prizes but I was sure it was fun prizes, the senior prizes was so cool the third prize went to Lupe in Room 8, the Second prize went to me Willetony I was happy my prize was a yoyo and spinning tops the first prize went to Sulia who was in my class.

Dear Sister Lorraine…

Today we celebrated Sister Lorraine’s last day coming to Saint Patrick’s School because she was our last mission sister connected to this School, We sang a song to her to remember the memories she taught us, most of us were crying and sad. We said prayers about her to remember the good times then we gave a letter so she will treasure them and also after we gave the letter we gave her a hug or shook her hand. Then she said her speech in front of the classes, it was a bit funny and sad her family and friend came to support her. Then in the end we sang one special song to her to remember us.

Dear Sister Lorraine

Thank you  for the teachings you gave us back when we were and I humbly grateful for what you’ve done for the community and this school we wish you safe travels and God Bless.

Epro 8 Challenge 3 Build a CaveMan Car

Today we did another Epro 8 challenge about a Caveman car with our construction equipment. A caveman car can move by itself with a long rubber band string onto the reel making it easy to move by itself, our group made a shelter to keep the “caveman” from getting wet and a seat where the caveman could sit and a motor to move. Before we made this we watched how it could move by itself making it easier for us to build, once we were finished we tested out the car if it could move by itself ( which was a success ). Then we took on a race with the other groups we liked won two times then came second on the last round. What I really wanted to approve of today was to make it go backwards. Today has been a nice day because I got to experience engineering even though it was that hard.

This shows the “Caveman Car” ( With no Caveman )  ( Sorry if you wanted to see it )

Epro 8 Challenge 2 Build a Bridge

Today Room 7 did another Epro 8 challenge to make a bridge that was about 2.5 metres long, 700mm tall, 400mm wide. It took a long time to build this. It’s been really tough this week because we’ve done only two activities, half of our class were already tired, some of the groups had bridges that were really about 2.3 metres long and some had just started doing the bottom.

My group made a lot of upgrades, we weren’t going to use instructions or a video because our teacher wanted us to see how we built this on our own, which I thought was a great idea. Once we were finished we made our own cars to test out the bridge, when we tested out our car it worked out perfectly except for the balance because it was a bit sturdy. The rest of the groups tested their cars on their own bridge which turned out the same way as us. It has been a wonderful weekend Engineering our own buildings.

A Prayer To Jesus

Dear Lord…

I pray for the Bishops, Priests and Pope that they stay healthy and clean, look after themselves may they bless the people who are weak and sick and guide them to make the right decisions even through tough times.

I pray for the Country leaders, Presidents, Governments and Prime Ministers to look after them and may they make the right decisions for their country and for the world. Also may they have a safe journey through tough times.

I pray our Teachers and Staff who are stress and tired, that work very hard for our school and the community may look after themselves and have faith that they will be safe where ever they are even when they are stressed and we hope that our missions sister will spread good news around the world.

I pray for the Sick, Poor and the Lonely may they have a home to not be homeless anymore and look after them when they have no shelter above them may they have a family that will take good care of them. Also may they have a life that will be remembered forever.

I pray for our Families and Friends please look after them when they are at home sick and when they are isolating may they do the right deeds for our community.

I also pray for ukraine who are having tough times through russia, may they have our blessing to them and pray that, they will have a safe journey around their country.

In Jesus Name


Epro 8 Challenge 1 Build a Crane

This week my class is doing Epro 8 Challenge with five equipment boxes in each group, where you can engineer stuff like making a car, bridge, swing which is also like doing your school work but with tools. Today we built a crane in our own groups, what we had to do was follow the instructions in the book cover and on the video, my group thought it was that easy to build it, but once we look at the video, it was actually hard, our teacher ( Mr Bell ) had to test out each of our buildings once we were all finished, each of the groups had to make the crane rotate, lift a bag, then put the bag back down gently in another area.

My team got so tired that we didn’t have enough time to finish building it. My teacher tested out our crane once we were finish, it was a bit crooked but we didn’t mind, our teacher tried to rotate the crane which was a bit tricky but we made it through then he had to lift a bag with a lever ( which by the way we forgot to do) but when our teacher started to lift it, it didn’t move so he gave us  2 to out of 3 effort which was better than zero. My group felt great except for the fact we didn’t finish it. I had a great time building this crane for the first time.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp: Packs The Biggest Punch In The Natural World 

Peacock Mantis Shrimp: Packs The Biggest Punch In The Natural World 

Mantis Shrimp is an animal that lives in burrows, both in tropical and subtropical waters. The substance of the burrows depends on the type of mantis shrimp: spearing shrimp dwell in soft layers, smashing shrimp in harder substances, and grow to lengths of 2 to 7 inches. This species is not threatened and they weigh between 0.4 oz and 3.2 oz.

It is neither a shrimp or mantis. These creatures can detect more colour visions than anyone on earth and see polarised light. Their spring loaded clubs strike 50 times faster than we can blink, for a moment the surrounding water reaches the temperature of the surface of the sun.

Mantis shrimp are powerful marine crustaceans called stomatopods.They first appeared in the oceans millions of years ago, there are over 500 known species, almost all live in shallow, marine waters and most inhabit the tropics. They usually inhabit rocks or coral crevices or burrows excavated in the seafloor sediment.

Mantis Shrimp are highly efficient predators that feed on animals like fishes, crabs and shrimps and mollusks. They have special adaptations for hunting, the second pair of thoracic appendages are enlarged and modified as powerful raptorial claws  that can extend rapidly, the raptorial claws can take two forms,depending on the species this divides mantis shrimps into smashers and spears. 

 Smashers have thickened, hard pads on their enlarged thoracic appendages that they use to strike at passing prey or rivals. Smashers tend to be more aggressive and they inhabit crevices instead of excavated burrows, they may fight each other for the best crevice. Smashers stalk prey like snails, crabs and clams.

Spear Mantis shrimps hunt by impaling their prey, the spear mantis shrimp have tough spines on their enlarged appendages instead of a hard pad. Some mantis shrimp pair for life and share the same burrow, others come together only at the time of mating. Female mantis shrimps produce an egg mass that may contain 50,000 eggs, they also guard their egg until they hatch. 

Some of them have different names like:

Odontodactylus scyllarus

Lysiosquillina maculata

Oratosquilla oratoria

Gonodactylaceus ternatensis

Odontodactylus japonicus

Gonodactylus smithii

Squilla mantis

Squilla empusa

Lysiosquillina glabriuscula.

Hammerhead shark: The Best Visions in the Natural world

Hammerhead shark: The Best Visions in the Natural world

Hammerhead shark is an animal that lives in tropical, warm waters from all over the world. They mostly stay along continental shelves and coastlines, but on occasion they are found in the deep ocean cruising near the surface. length of 13.1 feet (4 m)  and weighs 500 pounds (230 kg). 2.

The shape of their head is what gives them their name. Many believed that their head was some kind of rudder, allowing the shark to move its body forward, backwards and side to side. It appears the shark does use its shaped head to facilitate lightning-fast agility in the water. 

What’s even useful to the shark is their vision, they can see mostly anything around them. During the night they use their visions to hunt their prey like sharks, rays, bony fish, crustaceans and maybe squid. They can detect electric currents in the water around them.

Knowing that the pups ( baby sharks ) are born, their heads are round until when they are old enough their heads look truly like a hammerhead. In the meantime, by moving their head sideways as they swim they can observe much of what is behind the all the better to find their meal and sense them too.

Also once they find their meal they use their brute head and pin them to the seafloor like a stingray. The largest hammerhead species can grow to be up to 20 feet in length although that is really that small.

They have a sensory organ called the lateral line packed with nerves. This enables the hammerhead shark to pick up small vibration and pressure changes  in the water. The lateral line is so precise that combined with a shark’s vision a shark can detect prey over a mile away.

There are over 9 different species of the Hammerhead shark, they are called:

Winghead shark

Scalloped bonnethead

Carolina hammerhead 

Scalloped hammerhead


Great hammerhead


Smalleye hammerhead

Smooth hammerhead

The largest hammerhead shark is The “Great Hammerhead”.

Math in me Posters 2022

During February my teacher ( Mr Bell ) gave the class a task to do. So what we had to do was a Math in me poster it’s like where you make your own question then the other person answers. We all made our own questions about our height, how many minutes to go to school and how many male or females do you have in your own family. This is how my one looked. Also if you answer the questions correctly well done.

Thanks for reading this stay safe with your whanau and many blessings to you all

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